Fox Ears 🦊

Cat headbands from Amazon, felt and faux fur from the fabric store, ribbon and fake flowers optional. 



Birthday girl gets to pick which fabrics to layer, we'll use leftovers for some fox tails. 


Trace around the ears for an inside pattern and freehand a larger outline for the outside part of the ear. 

Always use a paper pattern for a guide.    

Always use a paper pattern for a guide. 



Cut 4 pieces of big ears. 



2 pieces of inside/little ears from the fur. Pay attention to the nap, you want the fur to be vertical with the pointy peak on top. 


Sew the little ear like a patch on one piece of big ear, repeat for the other side.  Then place the patched big ear good side to good side with another big ear and stitch around the two sides to create a clean finish. 

Flip the ears out and stitch a ribbon on each side, then place over the headband and sew or tie them closed.

Decorate with ribbon, flowers, tape and glue. 

Share your finished ears with us @isabelazam