Friends,a happy ending if ever there was one: I needed suggestions for a 2nd grade bday party when plan A was not an option. You all came through with recommendations she loved, including a recommendation for Jaleh Z Naasz. I cannot say enough good things! She was amazing at making a dreamy “sew a skirt” party for my 8 year old. From picking fabrics, to cutting them to the perfect size, to adding trim, to teaching the girls: she was truly outstanding. Although this isn’t her actual business, if ever you have a chance to work with her, I am telling you: DO IT! You will come out looking like a hero. I truly am thrilled with the birthday party, and the whole experience -soup to nuts!” Birthday girl mom, Lafayette, CA

”Taylor and Harper love the color pink and Taylor loves my little pony and Harper loves Dora so it was an easy choice of material! They love glitter and jewels which is why they liked the sparkly trim as well.” Katie, Lafayette, CA

”Viv’s pick... She wants a “wedding dress”. Darn Disney princess stories!!!” Lauren, Aptos, CA

”Avah and Zara’s biggest inspiration came from their Khaleh. Their own Aunt hand-making their very own dress made them extremely excited. There was no changing their mind on fabric, style or color. She truly made them the dress that THEY really wanted... “ Stacey, Orinda, CA
— Parents of designers